SCIGON leverages a blend of commercial and open source technologies to offer end-to-end risk management solutions to protect against threats while reducing the costs and complexity of security. We help your organization reduce the cost and complexity of securing your infrastructure with a comprehensive portfolio of world-class managed security services and consulting services. Services we offer in this area include:

  • Penetration Testing/Offensive Security
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Perimeter Security
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • PCI Compliance


Today’s business reality means that you must manage more risks with fewer resources. You have to:

  • Cut your operational expenses
  • Manage increasing risks
  • Maintain your compliance posture
  • Improve service
  • Enable innovation

SCIGON’s implementation of Security Services can help you strategically manage risk end-to-end across all security domains and help you reduce your security operations costs. Our framework-based security offerings provide the solutions and expertise you need to confidently:

  • Mitigate, monitor and manage the latest security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Lower the costs of applying the latest security expertise, processes and technologies
  • Lower costs of limiting internal access to, and external release of, sensitive data
  • Identify and mitigate the risks of regulatory noncompliance
  • Lower the costs of identity and access management
  • Mitigate the increasing risks from application-level vulnerabilities

Information security professionals today are struggling to keep pace with increasingly sophisticated attacks against their networks, applications, and databases. Finding and fixing these vulnerabilities significantly reduces risk, but what about undiscovered or hard to fix issues? Today’s organizations need a comprehensive security solution that provides proven, real-time protection and allows them to address current threats, while preparing for the future.

Network Security
Today’s organizations are bombarded with a dramatic number of security threats. And with ever-increasing amounts of users, applications and data, securing these assets against these threats has never been more difficult. Organizations need a comprehensive solution that allows them to maintain a fully secure infrastructure while addressing emerging threats. SCIGON’s implementation of security intrusion prevention solutions will help your organization monitor and mitigate many of the threats illustrated in this report and provide:

  • Reduced risk of a security breach through real-time threat protection.
  • Increased levels of security, while minimizing cost and complexity.
  • High levels of performance and availability without compromising security.

SCIGON helps organizations to better manage the risk of exposing their business-critical data, while also improving business continuity and reducing overall costs. Implementation of network security services as a first line of defense and should be strong as possible. That’s why SCIGON offers solutions that better protect network security.

Application Security
Few innovations have proven as flexible and valuable as Web applications. Although they are extremely powerful, they can also be extremely vulnerable to malicious attacks. As more business is conducted online, it creates new challenges for organizations to meet Web application security and compliance standards.

  • Web applications are getting more complex; and therefore, so are the vulnerabilities. According to the latest statistics, almost 40 percent of all issues reported were Web application related.
  • Thirty-nine percent of executives say their companies do not address security issues in application development, waiting until the launch or post-launch phase. (2012 US Business Case for Data Protection, Ponemon)
  • Of security breaches occurring in 2010, 92 percent of compromised data records were lost via attacks against web applications (Verizon 2010 Data Breach Investigations report)

Application security cannot be ignored. Accordingly, application security should be addressed as part of the development process versus as an afterthought.  Seamlessly embedding automated security testing early into the development lifecycle is more important than ever to lower costs, increase protection and innovate with confidence. A market-leading combination of static and dynamic analysis security testing delivers leading accuracy of vulnerability identification and remediation as part of an integrated, intelligent security approach.

Security Intelligence
The demands for real-time security and risk insight are much greater than they were even two years ago. Previously established solutions are no longer adequate as computing models evolve and threats multiply. Organizations can benefit from a practical new solution that integrates security information about people, data, applications and infrastructure and offers greater ease of use. With manageable security intelligence solutions built on next-generation SIEM and log management, SCIGON is helping organizations of every size improve their security posture.

Security intelligence enables executives to achieve real-time visibility into organizational security with a cost-effective and manageable approach. Discover how security intelligence can greatly reduce your organization’s risk while addressing compliance and enhancing your current security investments. SCIGON’s implementation of integrated approaches to security intelligence helps organizations of any size achieve:

  • Real-time threat detection
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Proactive risk monitoring
  • Data silo consolidation

Security intelligence reduces risk, facilitates compliance, shows demonstrable ROI and maximizes investment in existing security technologies.