Enterprise Apps

SCIGON has been focusing on Enterprise Application development since its founding in 2008, and have provided these services across the United States to Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, and mid-sized companies across a wide range of industries. Services in this area include enterprise-level application development, architecture, project management and quality assurance. We cover every major technology stack and specialize in developing or enhancing scalable, extensible solutions tailored to customer needs.

Whether you’re looking at applications for the Web, Windows, mobile devices, or the enterprise, effective application development requires a multi-tier approach to maximize the benefits of reusability, scalability and portability. With a focus on .NET, Java and PHP development for the enterprise, our consultants benefit from a full understanding of emergent technologies for Web and device-based applications. Paired with our experience in DevOps, Agile Project Management, and infrastructural considerations, these capabilities equip us with the right combination of experience and ability to see major development projects through to their successful completion:

Enterprise Web / SOA/ eCommerce
Combining emergent technologies with proven approaches and platforms to deliver customized web and robust e-Commerce applications that drive ROI.

iOS/Android Apps and Hybrid/Responsive Web

Full-Cycle iOS/Android app and hybrid/responsive solutions that leverage the expertise of our mobile User Experience Experts, developers, business analysts and test engineers to ensure the successful translation of your concepts into an effective mobile business solution that targets a wide range of devices.

System Quality
SCIGON brings system quality and software testing efforts to the highest standards of effectiveness and efficiency. We believe that your relationship with SCIGON should not only increase ROI and improve your system quality, but should also save you time and frustration. With services concentrated on automated/manual functional and performance testing using commercial and open source tools, we offer a range of quality-centric offerings that also include integration, acceptance, security, usability, recovery and accessibility testing

Business Intelligence
SCIGON’s consultants are experts in the industry, and our experience can help you take your projects to the next level. Leveraging IBM Cognos, we deliver Analysis, Implementation, Database, and Custom BI Development solutions. SCIGON also offers effective training solutions for Cognos.

Process Assessment
SCIGON’s Process Assessment service pinpoints bottlenecks in your workflow, identifies opportunities for improvement, and delivers solutions that enable businesses to realize the full potential of their IT teams. Taking a participative approach to system process assessment, SCIGON’s professionals work with your team to develop a sustainable and continuous approach to process improvement

Enterprise Web / SOA/ eCommerce

Examining the tasks that next-generation software needs to accomplish, we see the emergence of a new development paradigm that takes multi-tier application development beyond multi-tier architecture. Rather than a vertical configuration that puts a presentation layer on top of business logic and data tiers, new applications need to work across a range of platforms and devices to work the way their users do. Software solutions with multiple presences—web, desktop, and mobile—that augment each other are key to meeting people’s needs. Our strengths in a range of key technologies facilitate this aim:

  • Web Services/SOA—Dynamic data, with universal access across multiple platforms
  • Rich Internet Applications—Leverage new generation multimedia technologies
  • Responsive Web Development—Applications that tear down the walls between Mac, PC, and mobile devices
  • Browser-agnostic Web—Create a rich internet experience for every browser
  • Mobile Applications—Applications that truly work outside of the box

Businesses that implement feature-rich applications running on a range of operating systems and devices will work more efficiently and reach a wider user base. By focusing on the fact that people—not technology—are at the core of every successful endeavor, businesses that find compelling ways to satisfy people’s needs through platforms that target mobile platforms, the web and the desktop, will thrive in any economic climate.

SCIGON’s services in e-Commerce  application development leverage technologies that enable:

  • Shopping cart integration
  • Real-time inventory management and product catalog administration
  • Integrated payment solutions
  • Built-in marketing and SEO tools
  • Web site analytics
  • Integration with promotional campaigns and tools like Google AdWords
  • Dashboard tools that enable administrators and users to manage content, administer orders, manage users, and configure web site components


Complementing sales-driven e-Commerce website development, we offer an array of web custom development solutions:

  • Scalable, extensible websites that can be deployed in LAMP, Windows or Cloud-based environments
  • Content Management Systems (“CMS”) development, customization and implementation using industry leading technologies like WordPress, Drupal, DotNetNuke and Umbraco
  • Development of social media applications for sites such as Facebook
  • Development of cross-browser applications that target desktop browsers, and mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android devices
  • Creation of template-based reactive sites that respond to user actions and devices

iOS/Android Apps and Hybrid/Responsive Web

Mobile is everywhere, and businesses need technology that meets business needs, regardless of where users are or how they access those applications. Screens are shrinking while their numbers multiply. Applications need to operate across a wider range of environments than ever before, and they need to travel with the user.

SCIGON has long embraced mobile technology. Our earlier work prototyping applications on a number of write-once-run-anywhere mobile tools caught the attention of Adobe Systems and resulted in a highly visible case study about our work published by Adobe. Our more recent work has focused on using native tool chains for iOS and Android applications, as well as the development of mobile web applications that optimize web sites for mobile devices and tablets.

What do we mean by “Full Cycle?” Today’s world has already gone mobile, and fully addressing business needs through this technology requires a specialized understanding of design, development and quality assurance for these devices. Our Mobile User Experience (“UX”) specialists can work with your team on creating a design and workflow that work well on tablets and mobile phones. Our mobile developers stay abreast of advances in mobile technology, and work hand-in-hand with our business analysts and clients to flesh out concepts in functional requirements that capitalize on existing and emergent capabilities available on target platforms. Development teams work closely with software testers with experience in cross-device functional and usability testing across a wide range of devices—throughout the development process, during beta testing and during implementation.

Our mobile development solutions empower businesses to leverage the increasing capabilities of smart phones or tablets. Contact one of our mobile development specialists to learn more.

SCIGON’s work in native mobile application development spans projects for iOS and Android, on both tablet and mobile phone devices. As indicated above, Adobe Systems published a case study about our earlier prototyping work in this area. Our engineers’ more recent work has focused on working with native tool chains for development of data-centric mobile applications for a number of companies in manufacturing, consumer services, hospitality, medical and sports industries. SCIGON has also created a proprietary mobile application frameworks for rapid development of Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer applications.

Mobile Apps are distinguished from Mobile Websites through a number of characteristics and are ideal for:

  • Native Functionality or Processing Required — mobile websites are increasingly capable of accessing certain mobile-specific functions such as click-to-call. However, using a device’s camera, on-board navigation features, local storage, accelerometer, gesture-based input and processing power are best handled by a native mobile application.
  • Interactivity/Gaming — interactive games (think Angry Birds) are a great way to engage customers and get your brand in front of them. As with desktop apps, interactive business applications on mobile devices enrich the user experience while providing increased functionality. Mobile apps are the ideal choice for maximum interactivity.
  • Personalization & Local Data Storage — If target users need to personalize or store data locally, a mobile app provides a great platform for both.
  • Complex Calculations or Reporting —Data-centric applications that manipulate data through complex calculations, charts or reports often benefit from the increased processing power and drawing APIs of native applications.
  • Market-Based Distribution — If your users need to install an application and take it with them, mobile apps provide the means to accomplish this without tasking user with web site bookmarks or opening a mobile web browser to access functionality.
  • No connection Required — Mobile applications provide offline access to content and can perform operations without a network or wireless connection.

Our user experience experts and business analysts can help you decide whether a native mobile app is the right fit for your business needs.

Developing a mobile version of a website ensures rich mobile user experience while enabling businesses to provide customers with a streamlined interface. Advantages to mobile websites include:

  • Immediacy—The latest version of a responsive/mobile website is available immediately, without requiring the user to install an application from a Market source or download updates.
  • Compatibility — mobile websites are compatible across devices. Using responsive technology, mobile website can adapt to fit a variety of screen resolutions across a wide range of browser platforms on both tablets and smart phones.
  • Easy to Share — sharing a mobile/responsive website with other users is as easy as sharing a link via SMS, email, or through native browser sharing applications.
  • Reach — responsive websites can be discovered by users through google and other search engines. More channels are available for promoting mobile websites, which can be shared between publishers and users.
  • LifeCycle — responsive/mobile websites can’t be deleted. Users looking to free up space on their devices can delete mobile apps, but mobile websites are always available to users when they want them.

A wide range of mobile devices are coming onto the market every day. These span different operating systems and screen sizes. This trend, combined with the proliferation of mobile website frameworks that bring these websites closer to the capabilities of native applications makes them appealing.  Our user experience experts and business analysts can help you decide whether a mobile website fits appropriately with your business needs.

We offer the following mobile design and development services, tailored around your business needs, target platform and choice of mobile website or mobile application:

  • Mobile web application development and consulting
  • Custom enterprise applications—mobile websites and apps that draw on the power of web services and other technologies to deliver enterprise-grade power to mobile devices
  • Mobile website design centered on optimal user experience
  • Mobile web content management
  • SEO-friendly mobile website and marketing promotions for effective interaction with customers on the move
  • Testing of mobile browser compatibility and usability for increased mobile user experience
  • Developing customized rich mobile applications for seamless interactive user experience
  • Mobile widget development
  • m-Commerce features, including mobile payment solutions
  • Location based
  • Mobile application porting and migration
  • Integration of  social media with mobile websites and applications; allow users to engage with your business and applications through Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn
  • Mobile security
  • Mobile solutions optimized for advertising and sponsorship

System Quality

Sustaining success requires a quality product. Our roots in the Quality Assurance field enable us to grasp the significance of system-wide quality to realizing the continued success of our clients’ organizations. With services concentrated on automated/manual functional and performance testing using HP and IBM Rational products, we offer a range of quality-centric offerings that also include integration, acceptance, security, usability, recovery and accessibility testing. Moreover, we bring a clear understanding of quality assurance’s role in the SDLC to bear on generating requirements, documenting test cases, and in ensuring test coverage through traceability measures.

Our professionals bring a wealth of experience in proven software testing tools and methodologies to promote our customers’ Software Quality Assurance initiatives. Our broad array of Software Quality Assurance services include automated testing using industry-standard tools from HP, IBM-Rational, and Microsoft, as well as open source tools such as soapUI and Selenium. We augment automated testing with Business Technology Optimization, as well as extensive experience in integration, acceptance, security, usability, recovery and accessibility testing. Understanding that every automated test begins with test planning, all of our consultants are also experienced in manual testing. Moreover, we bring a clear understanding of quality assurance’s role in system engineering to bear on generating requirements, documenting test cases, and ensuring test coverage through traceability.

With roots in both technical education and Quality Assurance, our consultants are thoroughly trained in the most time- and effort-effective mode of testing appropriate for a client’s environment. Our professionals have a demonstrable knowledge of the steps necessary to uncover the most common potential defects in process, functional, installation and usability components of the system development life cycle. They are also trained to uncover how different types of software applications will run under various load and stress conditions, and also take into consideration such diverse issues as compatibility with different browsers and platforms, facilitating communication with off-shore development and testing groups, and using proper defect tracking techniques within the customer’s workflow.

SCIGON aims at bringing your system quality and testing efforts to the highest standards of quality and efficiency. We believe that your relationship with SCIGON should not only increase ROI and improve your system quality, but should also save you time and frustration. We achieve these aims through a close adherence to industry best practices, the most advanced automation tools, and a creative approach to implementing unique custom solutions that in the hands of our capable professionals goes far beyond saving you time and money.

SCIGON is ready to help you optimize your software and system quality practices, adapt more efficient software testing and development methodologies, and more effectively manage business and technical requirements. Our big picture view of your environment will also enable us to help you establish more effective communication between business and development teams, fully realizing the value of the software quality assurance group in your organization.

Business Intelligence

Deliver personalized, focused insights at various levels of decision-making by applying leading-edge thinking and best practices every step of the way. In today’s business world flexibility is key. We can customize your Business Intelligence installation or develop new applications to extend functionality. In addition, our experience in utility, healthcare, and the insurance industries provide the background to custom develop nearly any application that you may need.

SCIGON is your partner in business intelligence and IBM Cognos solutions. We are dedicated to helping your business maximize on its BI investment by providing a holistic approach, looking beyond the ‘how’ to really see and implement the ‘why’. Our services ensure that you have everything you need to successfully deploy and maintain a BI implementation. We provide highly effective training, flexible and experienced consulting, and useful custom application development.

SCIGON’s consultants are the leading experts in the industry, and our experience can help you take your projects to the next level. We can help you evaluate, implement, or maintain the BI solution that will help you better understand your business and the key factors impacting your bottom line. From staff augmentation to full project management, we can provide the right expertise at the right time.


  • Analyze current needs and propose an IBM Cognos BI solution
  • Determine optimal architecture and integrate into current environment
  • Provide Proof of Concept exercise to validate proposed implementation


  • Migrate series 7 implementations to IBM Cognos 8 or Cognos 10 BI
  • Develop new or convert existing reporting environments
  • Performance tuning of database and reports


  • Develop custom ETL process or implement an ETL tool-like transformer
  • Create an enterprise data warehouse using dimensional design techniques


  • Customization of the portal, reports, and prompt pages
  • Extend built-in functionality using the IBM Cognos SDK


  • Ongoing support of an IBM Cognos BI or custom application implementation

SCIGON offers world class nationwide custom training services. We believe that we have the best trainers and course material, giving our customers the highest return on training investment. Mixed with our consulting services, we can provide fully customized training curriculum or mentoring services, in addition to classroom training.
Our courses are taught by Senior level certified professionals currently working in the field on large scale IBM Cognos implementations. Our unique teaching methodology will allow you to learn at your own pace within a team oriented, discovery driven, real world environment. You will gain a thorough understanding of the software along with the hands on knowledge of its actual application. When you return to your workplace you will be able to immediately apply your new skills and be productive.

Process Assessment

It’s all about fine-tuning. Taking a participative approach to software and system process assessment, SCIGON’s professionals work with your team to develop a sustainable and continuous approach to process improvement. These efforts center on pinpointing problems, identifying opportunities unique to your organization, and delivering solutions that establish an environment for systematic process improvement

Let SCIGON pinpoint bottlenecks in your workflow, identify opportunities for improvement, and deliver solutions to realize the full potential of the professionals handling your day-to-day projects.

Taking a participatory approach to software process assessment, SCIGON’s professionals work with your team to develop a sustainable and continuous approach to process improvement. These efforts center on pinpointing problems, identifying opportunities unique to your organization, and delivering solutions that establish an environment for systematic process improvement.

Companies need an attack plan to ensure project-centered efforts address strategic touch points that too often go overlooked. SCIGON’s process assessment service leverages our best practices methodology, grounded in our roots in the field of quality engineering and quality assurance.

We use interviews with your stakeholders, artifact evaluation, and a comprehensive review of your business goals to create an actionable plan that uses opportunities unique to your organization.

The end result? We’ll give you a detailed road map for successful implementation of testing, development and project management efforts that fills gaps and takes advantages of your company’s strengths for continuous improvement