Proprietary Mobile Business/Entity Location Framework Solutions

SCIGON’s Proprietary Mobile Business/Entity Location Framework enables rapid creation of location-aware mobile applications for locating businesses and other entities based on location, hours of operation, and services. Optimized for iPhone and Android!

Stemming from similar applications we have created for clients involved in the hospitality, vehicle manufacture and restaurant industries, SCIGON has implemented a one-of-a-kind framework to rapidly spin up customized mobile applications for business and other entities with multiple locations. Your customers will be able to download and use the application for free to leverage location-based technologies for things like:

  • locating individual locations nearest to the user
  • learning about products, services and promotions for each location
  • contacting those locations directly from their mobile devices
  • obtaining navigation to those locations

Self-service administrative components enable you to keep content fresh, interact with your customers through broadcast messaging (perfect for promoting sales and special offers), and update details on individual locations for your business or agency…all in REAL TIME!

Best of all, because this is based on a robust framework designed by SCIGON to maximize the User Experience and include the most common features businesses need for their App, your business can get an incredibly useful app customized with your branding and data for a FRACTION OF THE COST of having an application designed, developed, tested and implemented from scratch.

This solution is ideal for:

  • Restaurants
  • Government agencies with multiple locations
  • Dry cleaners
  • Vehicle dealers
  • Hotels

…and any other business or agency with multiple locations and the desire for an Android/iPhone app with customized branding and information.