Senior Systems Administrator

SCIGON is seeking a Senior Systems Administrator for a long-term contract position in Ann Arbor, MI.


Senior Systems Administrator with extensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of Virtualization, Linux/Unix/Windows systems, Cisco UCS systems, SAN/NAS storage. Key skillsets include virtualization, automation, enterprise storage, and server administration with underlying technologies from VMware, EMC, Cisco, and Microsoft.  Team Member will work as part of a team responsible for the Compute and Storage Tower within our Operations organizational matrix. 


Administration – Server / Virtualization / Storage Administration and Implementation (30%)

  • Administrate ESX/VMWare virtual server environment.
  • Administrate Cisco UCS server environment.
  • Administrate Pure Flash SAN storage environment.
  • Administrate Multi OS Environment.
  • Analyzes business needs, gathers requirements, designs and develops technical solutions, provides detailed implementation plans and documentation. Implements the solution, provides training and handoff to support teams.
  • Develops and documents models, plans, diagrams, illustrations, and procedures in support of engineering activities and virtualization related business initiatives.
  • Acts as a project entry-point for initiatives focused on security, e-commerce, web hosting and internal application hosting.
  • Advises business managers and customers of hardware requirements, configurations, and limitations.
  • Creates project implementation plans, production configurations
  • Performs cost/benefit studies of network configurations and recommends enhancements and generates documentation required to implement high-visibility large impact capital infrastructure projects
  • Research, evaluate, and directs the acquisition, installation, and testing of network hardware for voice, data and video, storage, storage networking, virtualization, compute, backups, synchronization, high-availability and disaster recovery.
  • Performs site surveys, systems evaluations, system analysis and assessments of technology and hardware.
  • Performs ROI and cost benefit studies. Creates capital expenditure (CAPEX) requests and tracks the progress of hardware & software orders.
  • Automates and simplifies the rollout of compute resources, providing an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment.

Administration – VDI Desktop Platform (30%)

  • Administrate Global VMWare Horizons VDI Environment.
  • Construct and manage Desktop pools.
  • Administrate custom App Volumes for various departments and Contractors.
  • Analyze business needs and capacity, gathers requirements, designs and develops VDI solutions for third party contractors and internal users.
  • Performs cost/benefit studies for VDI configurations and enhancements.
  • Acts as a project entry-point for initiatives focused on VDI hosting solutions.

System Administration – System Reporting and Maintenance (20%)

  • Perform routine maintenance on all systems to ensure security compliance and system health.
  • Perform regular reporting on key system metrics to maintain enterprise system health.
  • Perform ongoing business continuity and disaster recovery testing to ensure information availability.
  • Maintain all monitoring tools including Turbonomics, vRealize, EMC MNR, Pure.
  • Maintain accurate documentation for all systems and services.
  • Ensuring and implementing the infrastructure as per the Design.
  • Perform asset management of server, storage, and virtual environments.
  • Support internal development, E-Commerce, and Web teams in the implementation of content and applications supporting customers and stores.
  • Receives escalated issues and is the last level of support (level 4) for troubleshooting networks, VPN, servers and other network equipment.
  • Provides detailed root cause analysis (RCA) documentation in the event of a system or process failure.
  • Document in detail system architectures for the purpose of Disaster Recovery.
  • Gathers and provides statistical data for regular executive reporting.

System Administration – System Troubleshooting and End-User Support (20%)

  • Respond to down server, storage, and LAN/WAN situations as appropriate.
  • Respond to alerts generated by monitoring systems to ensure enterprise system health.
  • Perform root cause analysis of major system outages.
  • Mentor, assist, and support Security and Operations technical teams. 
  • Conducts periodic technology and security reviews with support staff to address areas of growth or issue.
  • Creates and updates template configurations to be modeled for production use.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field or equivalent experience.
  • Advanced Certification in relevant technologies (Cisco/EMC/Microsoft/VMWare).
  • Advanced scripting experience (UNIX shell scripting / MS PowerShell).
  • Demonstrated ability to troubleshoot and resolve system outages.
  • Demonstrated ability with automation and continual process improvement.
  • Demonstrated ability to follow established policies and procedures.
  • Demonstrated ability to document systems and processes.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with customers.
  • Demonstrated ability to mentor other IS team members.
  • 5+ years enterprise system support experience.
  • Ability to cover 24×7 on rotational basis.
  • Ability to work monthly downtimes.
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