Providing services in the planning, design, analysis, operation, and management of transportation systems

Planning – The foundation of any project begins with a “purpose and need” that translates into a functional requirement.  From that need, concepts are developed, vetted, and evaluated for impacts to the environment and surrounding communities, and benchmarked against the concepts’ effectiveness to satisfy requirements.  Our engineers help determine project solutions that efficiently address the purpose and needs of your project, from the beginning stages of developing alignments and profiles through analyzing operations and community involvement.

Analysis – The benchmark of determining solutions is rooted in analytics, from analyzing the problems to testing the solutions – putting both in measurable terms that gauge effectiveness.  Our engineering professionals will perform the necessary analytics to help quantify the level of deficiency to be addressed through the degree of improvement a given concept may improve upon the deficient condition.

Design – Designs are the tools by which a contractor is able to bring a concept to life, detailing the methods and materials required to build the solution in accordance with agency requirements, for a lasting, maintainable asset. SCIGON’s engineers intersect many years of experience in design-oriented projects with expertise in prevalent design methodologies and standards to ensure the success of design engagements.

Operation – SCIGON appreciates the value of coordinated efforts between engineering staff and stakeholders to ensure operational efficiencies and effectiveness. We work hand-in-hand with clients to ensure smooth operation of transportation systems in a manner aligned with industry standards and best practices.

Management – we provide management services for transportation projects, with services centered on progress reporting, quality management, scheduling, schedule monitoring, as well as other transportation project management needs. Our professionals handle such areas as contract negotiation, collaboration and coordination between design disciplines, developing design criteria, value engineering, plan preparation, inspection, contract specification writing, cost estimation, report writing, and quality assurance/quality control.